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About us

About Us

UCFS Australia was established in 2009. Our parent and sister companies in the United States have been providing businesses with consumer financing for over 40 years.

We believe that business success is best achieved by building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. We have built our business on a foundation of ethics with these three simple, yet powerful words:

INTEGRITY – being honest and always considering the moral implications of every business decision we make.

RESPONSIBILITY – taking accountability for the decisions we make

RESPECT – treating others fairly and with dignity at all times.

Our commitment to treating each and every customer in the best way possible has been the key to our success. Most importantly, UCFS Australia is committed to forming a partnership with our business clients fostering growth for both UCFS Australia and its customers.

We provide consumer financing through businesses, distributors and retailers, helping businesses succeed as well as consumers get the products and services they need and desire.