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Water Filtration Financing

The experts at UCFS Australia, a leading water filtration system financing company, are here to help you offer financing to your customers and grow your business. Improve company cash flow, increase water filtration sales, and help customers by offering payment plans with monthly payments for whole house water systems.

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Make the whole-home water filtration buying experience more attainable, easier and more rewarding for your in-home customers.

water filtration system company financing

Financing Benefits For Your Water Filtration Customers

  • Your water filtration system customers can get the whole house system they want now and pay it off in a few years.
  • Payments for water filtration systems such as sediment filtration, activated carbon block filtration, granular activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, distillation, ion-exchange, ultraviolet disinfection, ultrafiltration, activated alumina filtration, or ionization systems are spread out over a set length of time and are easier to manage than a large lump sum.
  • By partnering with a leading water system financing company like UCFS Australia, your customers get the best water quality possible with low monthly payment amounts that work with most budgets.

Why choose UCFS Australia as your customer financing program for your water filtration business?

By offering an easy water filtration system financing solution and payment plan option, you can set your business apart in the industry and help those who might rely on available cash and credit cards to cover daily living expenses. Your water filtration customers can make their water safer and taste better, and pay off their new system over time at a low monthly fixed amount.

  • Flexible Terms: Customers can make their purchase now and pay it off over time.Ÿ
  • Distributor Programs: No fee to register, no set-up fees, no monthly fees.
  • Competitive Rates: A competitive consumer rate compared to credit card rates.
  • Online or Paper Credit Apps: Credit decisions are made in minutes so your sale can proceed immediately.
  • Dollar Amounts: Finance amounts of $1,000 to $10,000 with a set, low monthly consumer repayment.
  • Fast Payment: Your business is paid promptly, usually within 2-3 days after contract signing.